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Choosing a car-care center for car servicing

All service stations are divided into 3 types: official dealer car-care centers, specialized and independent car-care centers, garage car-care centers (auto repair shops).

Official dealer car-care centers

Car dealer-dealers are official representatives of manufacturers who provide services for car maintenance and repair. Any official dealer passes mandatory accreditation, receives the appropriate status.

In other words, the dealer provides one of the most high-quality and reliable car-care centers. This is due to the availability of a modern technical base, equipped in accordance with world standards.

Applying to an authorized dealer center, you will be able to get not only a high-quality service, but also full guarantees for all types of work performed.

If you want to get high-quality services, get certified factory details, then be prepared to pay many times more. However, for regular customers, advantageous discount programs are available that will help to save finance for the maintenance of your own vehicle without losing the quality of the services provided.

It's in theory, but in practice ... I'll tell my story from personal experience of servicing cars from the officers. The first was the car Hyundai, and the second Opel. So, both of these services had the same drawback (not counting the high cost and the fact that everything is very long).

Almost always this is negative emotions, with any treatment. They seem to put a film on the seat, so as not to stain the upholstery, but they will always get dirty. Doors and panels, too, must be slapped. I wanted when buying a new car immediately make anti-grab on the wheel arches, so that it would be a little quieter in the car (I did not want to make a noise), so the seller dissuaded. He said that they would necessarily spoil the car.

They are invited to replace the parts under the guarantee, they call: "came to do, come". I'm coming. "Come up in 2.5 hours, everything will be ready." I approached, and I: "but you did not say that the item came not the one and it does not fit?". Further, everything is clear, I think.

Here they are official dealers. I think that only while the car is on the guarantee it is worthwhile to go to them, and then to those who approach their work more responsibly. However, this is my personal opinion.

Specialized and independent car-care centers

This type of car-care centers occupies a rather large segment of the auto services market.

Independent car-care centers offer car-care services to absolutely different categories of customers. Often they do not have a permanent clientele, so they are trying to attract new customers due to their loyal attitude and flexible pricing policy.

And the prices of independent car-care centers can pleasantly surprise. First, the cost of services is much lower than that of dealers-car service, but much higher than that of private workshops. In addition, any self-respecting independent center will provide a full guarantee for all rendered services and installed auto parts.

Specialized car-care centers are the same independent workshops, with only one difference - the provision of highly specialized services.

If independent services can provide a wide range of services for the maintenance and repair of any vehicles, then specialized services specialize in one thing, for example, repairing one type of transport or one brand of car or a specific type of repair work, etc.

In other words, if you have a special type of transport, a rare car model or you need to provide a specific type of auto services and you do not care about the guarantee, safely go to a specialized service station.

Garage service stations

This type of car-care center is a small private workshop that provides a variety of auto services of relatively low quality (although there are also excellent masters come across) at low prices. Reviews of motor home servicing company justgo.uk.com repair centre.

Often such workshops are based in garages or small warehouses, where no more than 2-3 people work. If you are lucky and a similar workshop was opened by your acquaintance with the relevant experience and knowledge, then you can entrust repair of your car to good specialists, because not all of them work in large car-care centers or service stations.

A distinctive feature of such workshops is the low cost of services and in some cases the lack of guarantee for the work done. Therefore, contact the garage workshops is an acquaintance, or on the recommendation of a friend.