Here are Tips and Ways to Take Care of Pet Cats to Stay Healthy

How to Take Care of Cats – Cats are one type of pet that is very funny, not infrequently many people who want to keep cats because of their funny and adorable behavior. To maintain it is not easy, sometimes cats can also be afflicted with disease, especially for Persian cats or anggora cats, which are very necessary treatment so that cats continue to be healthy.
Well, for that on this occasion the hammer injector will provide some tips and how to care for cats, be it a village cat, or a cats or Persian cats.

Tips and Ways to Take Care of Pet Cats to Stay Healthy
Cats are one type of animal that is very cute and adorable, which is very beautiful with a beautiful fur so many people who want to maintain this cute animal with spoiled nature and make the owner happy and entertained.

How to Take Care of a Pet Cat for Beginners
There are several ways to care for pet cats for beginners in general that we can do so that cats will continue to be healthy.
• For kittens it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of nutrition, because kittens need twice as much nutrition as adult cats by giving them more nutrients. But that does not mean we have to give him excessive food. If it’s been 5 to 6 weeks, give the kitten food regularly, 4 times a day.
• Do not give dog food to cats, this is because dog food does not contain turin, nutrients needed by cats to avoid cat disease, namely heart disease and blurred vision.
• If it reaches 8 to 10 months, we can familiarize cats to eat home-made foods, such as rice and fish and milk that we can make it a habit to do it early.
• In bathing cats we do not need to do it regularly, we can bathe if the cat’s fur has begun to smell, by using cold water, avoid bathing cats with hot water, because hot water can damage the hair and cause irritation to the skin of cats.
• Brush or comb cat hair regularly to remove hair or dead, recurrent hair and bacteria in cat hair.
• Take the cat out and play with it so that in this case it can help the growth and development of the kitten well and make it grow healthy and agile.
• Teach kittens to daily habits, such as teaching them some good habits, such as going to the toilet, eating and sleeping.
• Don’t forget to be assertive in cats, this is to avoid cats being bad they show. So that cats will understand what is good and what is bad. Being assertive can also familiarize cats to be kind.
• Give vaccines regularly so that you can avoid getting diseases and viruses that attack cats, and do so by consulting veterinarians.
• Perform hygiene care on the body, by cleaning the teeth, ears and nails
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How to Tame Dogs and Cats

Often we are confused about how to deal with our fierce dog or cat against other people or animals. How is it better? Is there a way to tame it?
Dogs and cats that are not obedient to the owner will endanger the surrounding environment, other animals, yourself as the owner, and themselves. For that reason, it is very important to teach discipline in pets from an early age.
Because cats and dogs have different characters, different ways to tame them.

Dogs are animals that are active and can not be silent, but with training from an early age (Puppy) will be easily arranged or given orders by the owner.
Tricks to tame dogs:

• Put him in his cage. Choose an area that is quiet from passing people.
• Let him bark at will for a few hours.
• After the emotional subsides, give drinking water little by little but regularly. Hold a drinking bowl with your right hand. When he drinks, wipe his head or neck.
• After you want to drink, give your dog a meal from your hand.
• Invite the dog that starts to tame out of the cage. How, approach the dog slowly, don’t panic.
• Wipe the head or neck with your left hand so the dog feels calm.
• When you are calm, let him leave himself from his cage.
Teach also discipline from simple things everyday. As :

1. Time to Feed
Teach adherence to your dog when it will feed.
Do not give food until your dog can be calm and obedient.
If you have more than one dog, feed the quiet dog first, so that other dogs understand how to get food.
also need to provide correction if there is a dog that takes food first.
Don’t scold him, correction with high notes and words

2. Prohibit Dogs from Entering the Room
Teach discipline to your dog through the playroom. If you have more than 1 dog, try dogs 1 and 2 to enter room A. Whereas dogs 3 and 4 may only enter room B. Slowly, they will understand which room is forbidden because you are always correcting

Unlike dogs, cats are difficult to govern, so it takes time to tame them. Try this trick to tame cats:

• Put the cat in the cage.
• Don’t forget to give food, drinks and toys.
• Let him in the cage until it looks calm and comfortable.
• Then it can start to be released inside the house again.

If your cat looks aggressive, there is usually something that makes it stressful, such as dirty litter boxes or new people / animals at home. Find out first what the cause is so that a solution can be found.
How to unite dogs and cats
Usually those who want to keep dogs and cats will have trouble unifying them in one place. Cats will not attack if they are not attacked. While dogs will not attack if the
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Full Guidelines

news pets checklistVETS shall be armed with new instruments to establish households vulnerable to home violence, after Australian researchers developed a transparent-reduce guidelines to differentiate accidental pet injuries from abuse. Make certain it is seen to rescue employees, and that it consists of the kinds and variety of pets in your family and your veterinarian’s telephone quantity. Sturdy leashes, harnesses and carriers to move pets safely and to ensure that your pets cannot escape. You will most likely need to feed your pet a bit more food – food generates physique heat, so pets who spend a lot of time exercising outdoor need to eat greater than in the summertime. Since many pets look alike, this can help to eliminate mistaken identity and confusion.

It is heart-wrenching for the youngsters, as effectively, that have to leave their pets behind,” Jessie Avenue manager Leanne Newac mentioned. Sturdy leashes, harnesses and/or carriers to move pets safely and ensure that they cannot escape. In the age of social media and online critiques, and at a time when pets have gotten increasingly more like relations, airways and airports are correctly stepping up their sport to be extra pet-pleasant, Dr. Werber says.

Between 1 November and 31 March every year, pets can’t be taken within the maintain of Fokker plane as a result of it can’t be heated. The checklist can embody questions to indicate if the potential purchaser has some primary data of the behaviour of hamsters, for instance.

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Since there’s treatment involved and the dog lately had a common anaesthetic, there’s too many variables to draw a stable conclusion, but to this point the freeze dried product has not worked nicely at all on the subject of carrying moisture into the bowel when compared to canned food on this case.

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